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Your membership offers the following benefits - quarterly newsletters by email or post, help over the phone and access to our qualified and accredited consultants for those curly questions. You also receive access to our online resources area that contains many of the templates that are in your Safety Management System for you to download or print at any time. These items are continually updated to keep pace with changes in legislation. Some examples of these templates are; Director & Officer Checklists, Risk Register Template, Standard Operating Procedures, Hazardous Substances Register, Incident & Accident Register, Accident/Near Miss Form, Worker H&S Induction & Training Forms, Meeting & Discussion Form, Contractor Management & Induction, Visitor Sign-In Register, Repairs & Maintenance Register, Environmental Statement, Overlapping Duties Statement, Workplace Audit Checklist, Site Specific Safety Plan, Competencies
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If you wish to become a Rural Safe member, simply call us on 0800 577 233, or Click Here to Contact Us